We, as a complex, have been using Smartguard for just under four years and we will never look back. The level of satisfaction we have had from a security, service and interaction perspective has never been short of incredible. CAP goes above and beyond to ensure the solution is always of the highest quality and it gives me a great comfort knowing that a team that sets such high standards is looking after the safety and security of my family and the families within our complex.

RR – Cluster complex in Waverley

CAP’s Smartguard solution marries cutting-edge technology and exceptional service. Any individual entering, or loitering near, our property is identified, with a photo of the individual WhatsApped through to myself and my wife. Should any individual seem suspicious, a CAP vehicle is dispatched immediately. Should either myself or my wife be concerned about a suspicious entry into our property once receiving the photo, getting CAP to dispatch a vehicle is seamless. The solution is unobtrusive and effective. CAP Smart guard is unquestionably the ultimate security solution.

TT – Melrose resident

Sherwood Complex Hyde Park has found CAP Smart Solutions to be the optimal mix of new technology and personalised interest, at an affordable rate. We have also found its Armed Reaction Unit to be highly effective. Thank you CAP, the residents of Sherwood Complex sleep well at night knowing you are looking after us. 

Chairperson Sherwood Complex

In my position as an estate manager for numerous estates, each employing their own security systems (be this with guards, electronic security systems, etc), it was, for me, a new experience to trial the CCTV system installed by CAP, which is monitored off-site at their control room. The estate in question is small, and has no actual security guards – their budget is tight and so the CAP off- site monitored CCTV system seemed like a viable and economic solution to add some degree of security for the estate, which had been lacking. 


I must say I have been very impressed with the system since its inception a few months ago, and how CAP runs this! The Trustees and myself are in a WhatsApp group together with the CAP control room, and they regularly send us reports of unusual or suspect activities taking place as viewed on the CCTV systems at their control room. If anything looks to be out of the ordinary, they send their armed response vehicle to investigate, and the time taken for the armed response vehicle to arrive has always been short. We are always kept apprised as to what is happening. 


Together with this, the CAP management has always been very helpful in addressing any issues we raise with them, from electric fencing matters, gate issues, etc. 


This has given the estate a level of security that gives us peace of mind without breaking the bank account. CAP has also displayed a level of professionalism from the onset that makes my job so much easier – no problem seems to be too big for them and they are prepared to tackle problems head-on so as to get the quickest and most effective resolution. 


I am hoping to get their services at some other estates I manage based on my experience with them. 

In short, I would not hesitate to recommend CAP to anyone looking to use their services.

Steve Walley Estate manager – Gauteng North