Intended Purpose

This Telegram group was established for the intended purpose specified in the Group Description.

Opt In and Opt Out

  • By joining this group or continuing to be a member of this group you confirm that you have voluntarily provided your own personal information to this group (including but not limited to your mobile phone number, name, profile picture, and any other information that you make visible to this group) and that you agree and wish to be a participant who wants to achieve the intended purpose.

  • You acknowledge that you are an authorised person who has the right to be a member of this group.

  • Furthermore you confirm that you have read and agree with CAP's External Privacy Statement found on the CAP website

  • Lastly, you are aware that you may opt out of this group at any time by leaving the group.

General Rules

  • All members of the group are considered to be Responsible Parties in terms of POPIA and each member must process information accordingly. Each member is responsible for his/her own behaviour.

  • Personal information and/or confidential information must not be processed on Whatsapp; the exceptions to this are as follows:

    •  The personal information that each user agrees to share about himself/herself in a chat or group (For example the user’s name, contact number, picture, location information).

  • Conversation not related to achieving the intended purpose is prohibited.

Limitation of Liability

  • CAP and any of the Administrators of this group will not be liable, whether in contract or in delict, for any reason whatsoever, in relation to this group.

  • All members hereby indemnify and agree to hold CAP and all Administrators harmless against any claim of whatsoever nature which may be brought against CAP and any Administrator by any party at any time in relation to this group.

  • Under no circumstances shall CAP or any Administrator be liable whatsoever for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for loss of profits which a participant may sustain (whether or not such loss or damage was foreseen at the time of entry into this group). 


All information in this group is private and confidential and is meant solely for the intended members. If you have been invited to the group in error and you are not an intended recipient please notify the sender and remove the invitation and all information that is in your possession immediately. Use of any information by an unintended recipient is strictly prohibited.