CAP is planning a Smart Closure for the greater Savoy and Waverley area – and we need your help to make this happen. 

The Savoy Estate Residents Association (SERA) and the Waverley Residents, Ratepayers and Homeowners Association (WRRHA) are collaborating with CAP to make the SWAP community even safer through the establishment of a closure that covers the greater area.


Aside from the security benefits, a well-managed road closure is designed to increase property values and improve the general quality of life in the area in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

In order for CAP to apply for the proposed Smart Closure, we need 70% consent from the residents; by completing this form, you are simply providing CAP with your consent to apply for a closure, as well as ensuring we have your details to update you on the progress of this exciting new initiative.  


To get started we need all residents and tenants to complete a simple consent form.
We are also requesting optional information from each resident on behalf of the residents' associations.


The layout of the initial proposed road closure:


Our plan for the Smart Closure includes:

Limiting access points into the area, depending on the time of day and traffic requirements.

CCTV coverage of all pedestrian and vehicle entrances monitored in the CAP Command Centre.

Ongoing CAP patrols and overall management by CAP.

Stages of the Smart Closure:

Inform the community and obtain their consent

Stage 1: Consent

Get the city to evaluate all applications and grant approval

Stage 4: Approval

Compile and submit all applications with consent to the city

Stage 2: Submit

Work with the community to raise funds to implement and maintain the closure

Stage 5: Community

Communicate and advertise the proposed closure

Stage 3: Communicate

CAP will facilitate the implementation and management of the closure

Stage 6:  Implementation

For more information, download the full information pack or email 

call us:

0860 332 332

find us: 

2 Osborn Road Houghton Johannesburg 2196