CAP Security Divisions

CAP has a sophisticated approach to crime fighting supported by its operational security divisions:


Operations Centre

The state-of-the-art control room fields all calls as well as dispatches all units. Having online real-time access to the central data repository, operators are able to compare and verify information from call to call. Operators are hand-picked from CAP areas from within the areas we protect, ensuring they have a both a vested interest in the community and a wealth of local, area-specific knowledge and undergo rigorous practical and theoretical training. On average a call to the CAP control room is answered in under 3.6 seconds and the average response time to a call is under 3 minutes 5 seconds.


Tactical Debriefing

The Tactical Debriefing Department is responsible for gathering information on every contact crime or attempted contact crime. A CAP debriefer is dispatched immediately to the scene after an incident has taken place to interview the victims in order to gather as much information as possible. Its function includes collecting pre, during and post-incident information to identify current trends and patterns in criminal activity.


Central Intervention Unit

The Central Intervention Unit (CIU) is a specialised and highly trained task team, including our K9 unit which currently consists of 4 dogs. This unit is deployed into hot spots within the CAP environment and beyond to prevent crime. On average the CIU can spend over 1000 hours per month conducting area, collection and disruption operations.


SAPS Liaison

This department is responsible for liaising with the South African Police Services (SAPS) daily and allows CAP to work closely with SAPS on operations to combat crime in CAP areas and ensures that all information collected by CAP is handed over to SAPS. Joint operations are conducted on a regular basis. In excess of 190 hours a month is spent working with SAPS on operations, meeting and dealing with arrests.



The Legal Department works closely with the relevant prosecutor and investigating officer, performing a watching brief over all incidents to ensure:

-All information necessary to assist with a case is collected

-All legal technicalities are complied with

-Dockets and witnesses arrive at court for all hearings

-The victim is assisted throughout the process

-Any problems will be flagged and escalated