• Nicole Marcus

Just conviction following court case 24 October – Suspect found guilty

The entire CAP community was saddened by the tragic murder of a resident in December 2017 at a home in Riverclub. The incident had taken place following a home invasion whereby a perpetrator had gained access into the home. CAP worked with the SAPS to trace and arrest the suspect, which subsequently took place in July 2018. On 24 October the case was successfully prosecuted and the suspect has since been found guilty of murder and home invasion charges. The sentencing hearing will take place 6 November 2019, and we are hopeful that the maximum sentence will be applied. Thank you to the SAPS and to all involved in making sure this individual was caught and taken off our streets. While this will not bring back the victim, we maintain our commitment to eradicate crime and prevent this happening to anyone in our communities, and hope that this brings closure to the victim's family.

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