• Nicole Marcus

Smart Guard alert stops hijackers

On 6 November our Smart Guard surveillance system at a complex in Sandringham picked up 1 or more vehicles loitering in the driveway of the complex.

Tactical units were dispatched to the scene and while on route our command centre received a panic activation from the guard at the complex.

Following our arrival our officers were able to intercept a hijacking and robbery of a courier vehicle which had been delivering goods to the complex.

Shots were fired and the suspects eventually left the courier vehicle and bolted into their own vehicle and fled the scene. An investigation will be on going to track the whereabouts of these individuals.

We are happy to report our officers were not injured during the incident, we do however suspect one of the suspects may have been shot in the leg.

Please remain cautious at all times and remember to call in any suspicious activity.

Well done to everyone involved!

#smartguard #teamwork

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