• Nicole Marcus

Highlands North Arrest! Dont forget to open a case and report all crime no matter how small!

On Tuesday 12 November in the morning, a male, armed with a screwdriver rang the intercom of a property in Highlands North. After there was no answer the individual climbed over the wall and confronted the victim in the garden of the home.

The suspect further tried to steal valuables but was unsuccessful and left the property. Once the suspect left, the victim was able to call our command centre for help. Tactical units were dispatched and obtained a description of the incident and suspect.

Not long after officers were able to match the description given of someone walking along the street. The individual was stopped and after further investigation confirmed to be the suspect they were looking for.

The suspect was handed to SAPS and had previously been arrested for a different crime but no case had been opened and the suspect, a repeat offender, was able to commit the crime above.

#crimecanbebeaton #reportallcrimes #openacase

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