• Nicole Marcus

Emmarentia Greenside operational success

At 11H36 on 10 November the CAP Command Centre received a call from a neighbour informing us that there was an incident in progress at a home on Notwani St.

CAP Tacticul Units were despatched and on arrival were informed by the gardener who was outside the property that there was an incident in progress.

CAP Officers apprehended one suspect on the scene, and the others fled. SCP Security also assisted and apprehended an additional three suspects after they fled.

CAP despatched medical response for the injured victims. During the incident victims were injured and CAP organized medical response, as well as mobilizing a K9 unit.

A total of 4 suspects were arrested: 2 males and 2 females.

A silver Mercedes that was involved in the incident has been recovered.

We wish the victims a speedy recovery and thank the community and SCP security.

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