• Nicole Marcus


The Command Centre received a panic activation yesterday afternoon from a service station in Sandringham and Tactical Vehicles were immediately dispatched. Two suspects had arrived in a white Renault Clio and were identified by one of the staff members as having previously being involved in criminal activity. The suspects were in the process of trying to steal an item of value from a victim.

As Tactical Vehicles arrived on scene the suspects began to flee in their vehicle and a chase ensued into Alexandra where one suspect debussed and tried to escape on foot. The suspect was quickly apprehended and handed over to SAPS.

Through further investigation by CAP’s Analytics Department, the victim was identified and encouraged to open a case with SAPS.

With the case opened, CAP’s Legal Team can now monitor the case’s progress through the courts and judicial system that will eventually put the suspect behind bars. CAP will also be working closely with SAPS in the investigation to apprehend the remaining suspect.

At CAP we believe #CRIMECANBEBEATEN and to achieve this, we need the Sandringham community to partner with us in the fight for safer streets.

Well done to all involved!

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