• Nicole Marcus


On Tuesday morning a helper at a property in Glenhazel was alarmed when she heard the dogs on the property barking and saw a mess on the floor. She proceeded to return to her room at the back of the property and noticed that it was locked as she had left it unlocked when she left her room an hour before. This caused her to go into the main house and press the panic button followed by a call to the CAP Command Centre.

A nearby Tactical Officer was on scene almost immediately and proceeded to search the property. Upon opening the storeroom, a suspect was found hiding. The suspect gained access to the property by jumping over the main gate and then into the main house through an open window. The suspect attempted to deceive the Tactical Officer by stating that he lived on the property, which the helper confirmed to be false. The Tactical Officer then called for re-enforcements and was able to gain access to the helper’s room, where they found many items of value had been taken with the intention of stealing them. Tactical Officers were able to recover all items that would have been stolen and apprehended the suspect, who was found to have a screwdriver in his possession.

The suspect was handed over to SAPS and arrested. Well done to everyone involved!

Lessons Learned:

  • Be vigilant

  • Activate a response

  • Ensure the perimeter of your property is secure

  • Involve your staff member – ensure they know how to use panic buttons


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