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If you'd like to see security tips for the incident - skip to the bottom of this article, otherwise continue reading.

Yesterday at approximately 16:21, three suspects, at least one armed with a firearm, arrived on foot and proceeded to hijack and abduct a victim and their child outside of a school in Orchards. The victim managed to alert witnesses nearby before the suspects left towards Alexandra with the victims and the hijacked vehicle.

The school managed to contact the victim’s emergency contact - her husband, who then activated a tracking application on the victim’s phone and also informed the CAP Command Centre of the incident in progress while feeding live updates of the vehicles location.

By 16:23 the Command Centre activated a Forward Command protocol which is initiated in severe incidents where there is a likelihood that suspects can be apprehended. Several Tactical Units were dispatched to attend to the incident, including members of CAP’s senior management and CAP’s Special Intervention and K9 Units.

The responding Tactical Units managed to intercept the hijacked vehicle in Kew and a chase ensued into Alexandra where the vehicle was pulled over on Watt Avenue corner 2nd Street in Alexandra.

The suspects debussed the vehicle and a shootout ensued followed by the suspects fleeing the scene. The victims were rescued safely and were unharmed. A firearm along with the victim’s vehicle was also recovered.

The victims were escorted safely back to the CAP offices and debriefed.

Well done to all the members of the community who quickly contacted the Command Centre and well done to the CAP response team, as well as the CSO responders for their incredible work! The victim’s husband displayed exceptional calm and bravery under extreme stress, and we are grateful that he gave us the opportunity to assist.




CAP has prepared an instructional series to assist parents and community members to secure themselves against a similar incident recurring. Please read through and share this information with your loved ones.

◼ The most important thing to remember if you are the victim of an incident is to remain calm.

◼ Use body language and language that indicates you are no threat.

◼ If you are travelling with a child, inform the attacker of this, and calmly remove the child from the vehicle in the quickest, calmest and most efficient way possible.

We will be covering further tips relating to this incident next week.

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