• Nicole Marcus


Earlier this morning a unit from Norwood SAPS identified a suspicious silver Hyundai with several occupants inside in the Oaklands environment and proceeded to investigate. On noticing the approaching SAPS unit the suspect motor vehicle began fleeing the area and a chase ensued heading towards the Bagleyston environment.

Meanwhile, a patrolling Tactical Vehicle noticed the high-speed chase between SAPS and the suspect motor vehicle and proceeded to assist while the Command Centre subsequently received several calls from members of the community reporting the occurrence. Tactical Vehicles, in addition to CAP’s Special Intervention Unit, were quickly dispatched to the scene.

Proceeding and surrounding Tactical resources were further provided with descriptive details of the suspect motor vehicle as the chase went past one of CAP’s strategically placed (LPR) Licence Plate Recognition cameras.

As the chase proceeded towards Louis Botha Avenue two suspects debussed the suspect motor vehicle and begin fleeing the scene by jumping walls of surrounding properties. One suspect unfortunately evaded capture while the other was quickly detained by Tactical Units. The suspect motor vehicle was last seen heading towards Alexandra.

A discarded firearm belonging to one of the suspects was found in the vicinity shortly afterwards and was handed over to SAPS along with the apprehended suspect being arrested.

Well done to all involved and a special congratulations to the members of the community who alerted the Command Centre to the incident.


Lessons Learned:

Make sure that the Command Centre is your first point of contact when reporting an incident or suspicious activity 0861 227 227

Call in any two or more males seen, on foot or in a vehicle, to the Command Centre at all times so that our Tactical Units can proceed and investigate further.

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