• Nicole Marcus


A suspect involved in conducting a hijacking in the Waverley environment earlier this year appeared in court yesterday to face charges. The suspect was found guilty of all charges and was sentenced to fifteen years direct imprisonment.

This suspect was involved in an incident on the 9th of July where two suspects, one armed with a firearm, arrived on foot and hijacked a blue Suzuki from a member of the community who was returning to their vehicle after shopping at a convenience store situated in the proximity of Waverley.

The Command Centre was alerted to the incident and members from CAP’s Special Intervention Unit responded. Details of the incident were circulated to Tactical Vehicles in the surrounding area and a nearby Tactical Unit was able to locate the vehicle. A chase ensued resulting in the apprehension of the suspect that was charged in court yesterday. The suspect's firearm and the valuables stolen were also recovered during the apprehension.

That’s one more suspect off the streets and behind bars!

CAP would like to congratulate SAPS and the NPA on a successful prosecution during the legal proceedings. Also well done to our Legal Team for their continued dedication to putting criminals under lock and key!


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