• Nicole Marcus


Two suspects, one armed with a firearm, were involved in an incident in the Highlands North environment last night. They were dropped off by a beige Kia Picanto with a further accomplice inside. The suspects proceeded to hold up victims while in a driveway and took various valuables. During the incident the victims managed to take evasive action and fled the scene.

Following this, the suspects attempted to take the victim’s vehicle. They were unsuccessful and then began to flee the scene on foot. A street security guard in the area noticed the suspects and contacted CAP.

The Command Centre were quick to answer the call and instantly dispatched Tactical Vehicles to the scene. One of the fleeing suspects managed to evade capture while the other was apprehended with a firearm being recovered. The suspect was later handed to SAPS on arrival. CAP Tactical Units will continue looking for the remaining suspects and the suspect motor vehicle in all areas.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Always be vigilant while in a driveway and do not approach your driveway if there are any suspicious persons or vehicles loitering nearby.

Always equip your street security guards with working panic buttons and make sure that they are serviced regularly.

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