• Nicole Marcus


CAP in conjunction with SAPS, JMPD, City of Johannesburg, City Parks, CPF members and various other security companies conducted a clean-up operation yesterday at the spruit nearby the Victory Park and Craighall Park environment.

The operation was organised by the Linden CPF due to the growing concern of increasing amounts of displaced personnel residing in the spruit in the past couple of months and a possible link to criminal activity in the area.

The collective team combed through the area throughout the day and CAP’s K9 Unit were also called in to assist with the search. Various items were recovered that were possibly linked to theft. Cable theft tools and a firearm were also recovered and handed over to SAPS.

Further operations are planned in the upcoming weeks and CAP look forward to the next expected operation to be conducted in the Craighall Park environment.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

If you have a concern for your security, related to any displaced personnel residing in the public space, please contact the Command Centre on 0861 227 227 and a vehicle will be sent to investigate and monitor the situation. The Command Centre can also escalate the matter to the relevant municipalities if necessary.

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