• Nicole Marcus


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Yesterday afternoon, while on patrol in the Lyndhurst environment, Tactical Units proactively picked up two suspects attempting to break into a property and immediately jumped into action.

The Command Centre was also notified to dispatch backup, including CAP’s Special Intervention Unit. On seeing the incoming officers, the suspects began to flee the scene by jumping into a neighbouring property.

Tactical Units managed to apprehend one of the suspects and recovered the break-in tools used by both of them. The suspect was later handed over to SAPS. CAP will continue to be on the lookout for the other suspect in all areas.

Well done to all involved and a special congratulations to our Tactical Team on the day for their proactive achievement!

Lessons Learned:

Ensure that your gate is well protected against forced entry. Make sure that your gate cannot be pulled off the rails through force and that your gate motor is protected with a locked casing.

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