• Nicole Marcus


CAP’s Command Centre received many calls last night from the Highlands North environment reporting four suspects, driving a white BMW that were involved in a robbery in the public space.

Three suspects, one armed with a fake firearm, debussed from the vehicle and approached the victim who was parked in the public space. The suspects stole various valuables and attempted to take the victim’s vehicle.

During this activity, CAP’s Tactical Units were hastily en route to the scene of the incident and arrived in less than two minutes! On seeing the approaching Tactical Units the driver of the suspect motor vehicle fled the scene which left the remaining suspects to be quickly apprehended by Tactical Units after a short chase.

The suspects were handed over to SAPS on arrival and the fake firearm along with the stolen goods were also recovered.

Well done to all involved and a special thank you to the many community members you proactively called in the incident!

Lessons Learned:

Remain vigilant when in the public space and do not linger in the environment for long periods of time.

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