• Nicole Marcus

Snatch ‘n Grab Suspect Caught!

Last Friday, CAP’s Command Centre received a panic activation from a business in Parkwood and immediately dispatched Tactical Units to the scene. Upon arrival it was found that the panic had been activated because a snatch ‘n grab had recently occurred nearby.

Two suspects arrived in a silver Toyota and snatched a phone from a distracted victim standing in the public space. The suspects were still in the area when the Tactical Units arrived and one suspect was quickly detained. The other suspect managed to evade capture.

Tactical Units handed the suspect over to SAPS however the suspect was not arrested due to the victim not wanting to open up a case. The suspects profiles were made note of and Tactical Units in all areas will continue to be on the lookout for them.

Lessons Learned:

Be aware of your surroundings when in the public space. Do not become distracted while on your phone and keep your valuables out of sight and close to you. If waiting for an app-based taxi service avoid standing outside and, if possible, wait in a populated public space.

Always open up a case with SAPS, no matter how small the crime. Your case could link suspects to other criminal activity and could be the missing link that puts them behind bars.

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