• Nicole Marcus


A suspect has recently been apprehended by CAP Tactical Units following a search for six suspects involved in a recent incident.

Earlier this afternoon, six armed suspects entered a business in the Linksfield area and stole various valuables. They then left in an unknown direction.

CAP’s Command Centre received various notifications of the incident and Tactical Units were immediately dispatched to the scene along with additional resources from CAP’s Special Intervention Unit, K9 Unit, Debriefing Department and various members of upper management.

All of CAP’s units worked in conjunction to search nearby areas of interest and tactical blocking points were set up on surrounding streets.

The stolen valuables were recovered in a nearby public space and one of the suspects, along with the suspect’s firearm, was identified shortly afterwards and detained in a construction site within the vicinity.

Well done to all involved and a special thank you to the community members who proactively and quickly reported the incident to the Command Centre! Tactical Units will remain vigilant in the area for the remaining suspects.

On later investigation by CAP’s Debriefing Unit it was identified that the incident may have been an inside job. The Debriefing unit on scene are closely working with SAPS to investigate further and bring to book the suspects and those responsible for assisting in the robbery.

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