• Nicole Marcus


On Monday evening, CAP’s Command Centre received a panic activation from a property in Victory Park and Tactical Units were immediately dispatched. It was identified that a suspect had trespassed into the property and had stolen a water basin. The suspect had begun fleeing the scene but was identified by Tactical Units in the area and immediately detained.

SAPS were contacted to the scene to arrest the suspect however the victim did not wish to open up a case and the suspect was let go.

Well done to our Tactical Units for quickly identifying and apprehending the suspect! CAP units in the area and surrounding areas will continue to be on the lookout for the suspect during their patrols.

Lessons Learned:

Always open up a case with the police. Suspects may be linked to other criminal activity in the area and your case might be the missing link that puts criminals behind bars. All opened cases are closely monitored by CAP’s Legal Team to ensure that suspects get processed correctly in court.

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