• Nicole Marcus


On Tuesday evening, patrolling Tactical Units in the Orange Grove environment witnessed a robbery occur on 6th Avenue and immediately went into action to try and detain the suspects.

Five suspects, driving a silver Toyota, held up a victim in the public space. They stole various valuables and began to flee the scene after being noticed by incoming Tactical Units.

A short chase ensued which resulted in one suspect being apprehended and the suspect motor vehicle and stolen goods being recovered. CAP’s K9 unit was activated and SAPS were also called to the scene to search for the remaining suspects. A 2nd suspect was located later by the search team and put into police custody. Tactical Units will be on the lookout for the remaining suspects in all CAP areas.

CAP's Legal team will work closely with SAPS to monitor the case and ensure that the apprehended suspects are processed correctly in court.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Avoid loitering in the public space for long periods of time.

Do not carry valuables with you and avoid becoming distracted by being on your phone or listening to earphones.

Should you be making use of taxi based app services, wait indoors or in a populated public space like a service station.

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