• Nicole Marcus


Last Saturday, CAP’s Command Centre received a call from a member of the community that a robbery in progress was taking place at a property in the Houghton environment. Tactical Units were quickly dispatched to the scene and arrived within 3 minutes.

On arrival, Tactical Units found a white vehicle with four suspects fleeing from them. Tactical Units immediately began to pursue the vehicle and managed to apprehend a suspect who was unable to enter the getaway vehicle. The suspect was detained and handed over to SAPS on arrival.

CAP's Legal and Analytics departments are in the process of linking this suspect and the suspect's accomplices to multiple crimes within CAP areas and the greater Johannesburg area. CAP will be working closely with SAPS to assist with the case.

Well done to all involved!

CAP would like to congratulate the member of the community who proactively called in the incident. Additional congratulations are extended to CAP’s service provider in the Houghton area for affecting the arrest. A final congratulations goes out to the Command Centre operators on the day of the incident who ensured a quick response to the scene!

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