• Nicole Marcus


Last night, a community member proactively called in three suspects driving a silver Hyundai i10 with two seen exiting the vehicle and entering into a property in the Lyndhurst environment. Tactical Units were rapidly deployed to the scene and SAPS were also contacted.

On arrival, Tactical Units were able to apprehend one suspect inside the property. The other two suspects began to flee the scene in the suspect motor vehicle. The suspects were quickly picked up in the Bramley View area by CAP and SAPS and a chase ensued. The chase escalated into a shootout which resulted in a second suspect being caught and the suspect motor vehicle also being recovered. The third suspect is still at large and all units will continue to be on the lookout.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons learned:

Call in any two or more males seen on foot or in a vehicle to CAP’s Command Centre 0861 227 227.

Arm the alarm on your property while you or your family members are inside. Keep your panic button accessible and within reach at all times.

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