• Nicole Marcus


Yesterday afternoon, Tactical Units proactively patrolling in the Birdhaven environment identified an open gate with a suspicious vehicle parked inside the driveway. Upon investigation it was identified that the vehicle was being loaded with stolen goods from the property by three suspects. The suspects noticed the Officers approach and began to flee by jumping into a nearby construction site and then running into a park.

Tactical Units were quick to respond to the fleeing suspects and CAP’s K9 and Special Intervention Unit were activated to assist in tracking them down. With skilled coordination, all security units in the park managed to identify and apprehend two of the suspects who were later handed over to SAPS. A screwdriver which was used by one of the suspects as a weapon was recovered as well as the suspect’s motor vehicle at the property. Tactical Units will continue to be on the lookout for the third suspect in all areas.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Ensure that your property has significant and well maintained perimeter security so that suspects are unable to gain entry by climbing over the wall.

Report any open gates seen in your area to our Command Centre on 0861 227 227. Your proactive action can allow for our Tactical Units to go and investigate.

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