• Nicole Marcus


Yesterday, CAP’s Command Centre received a panic activation from a business on Barry Hertzog Avenue in Emmarentia stating that two suspects had been seen in the area driving a white Chevrolet Cruiser and were scamming various ATM machines.

Tactical Units were immediately dispatched to the scene and instantly identified one of the suspects based on the description given by the initial caller. The suspect was quickly detained by Tactical Units and handed over to SAPS on arrival. Upon investigation, it was learnt that the other suspect had left in the suspect motor vehicle in the direction of Randburg. All CAP areas will continue to be on the lookout.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Be descriptive when reporting suspicious activity to the Command Centre. This information helps Tactical Units instantly recognise the suspicious activity when they arrive on scene so that they can go and investigate.

If reporting suspicious persons in the area, take note of their clothing description (for example blue jeans and a white and green striped shirt).

When reporting a vehicle take note of the colour, make, model and registration plate.


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