• Nicole Marcus

CAP’s Unified Teamwork Leads to Arrest and Recovery of a Hijacked Vehicle

Earlier today, CAP received a panic activation from a street security guard in Highlands North. CAP’s Command Centre immediately dispatched Tactical Units to the scene and on arrival Officers were informed that a hijacking had occurred.

Four suspects had arrived in a blue Opel Corsa and hijacked a victim of their vehicle. The street security guard notified the Tactical Units where the suspects had driven towards and the Tactical Units proceeded to scout for the vehicles. CAP’s Special Intervention Unit was also activated to search for both the suspects’ and the victim’s motor vehicle.

The suspect’s motor vehicle was identified in Rouxville and a brief chase ensued. The vehicle was successfully pulled over by Tactical Units and the single suspect in the vehicle was detained until SAPS arrived on scene. The other three suspects locations are unknown however all CAP areas will continue to be on the lookout. Members of CAP’s Special Intervention Unit also recovered the victim’s motor vehicle in Alexandra after a tracking device located in the vehicle was activated.

CAP’s Debriefing Team has since been in touch with both the victim and the security guard who witnessed the incident so as to obtain further tactical information on the suspects. CAP’s Legal Team will also be monitoring the case closely to assist SAPS with the investigation.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Equip your street security guards with a panic button and ensure that it is serviced regularly.

Ensure that your vehicle is fitted with a tracking system and an alarm.

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