• Nicole Marcus

CAP’s Legal Team Strike Again: Two Suspects Face Twelve-Year Sentence!

In May 2013, two suspects broke into a property in Orchards and were noticed by a resident inside the property. The resident took evasive action and alerted the Command Centre. Tactical Units arrived on scene and encountered the suspects who opened fire on them and attempted to flee the scene. One suspect was apprehended by Tactical Officers at the scene and the other suspect was apprehended by various authorities the following day at the suspect’s place of residence.

The case was closely monitored by CAP’s Legal Department and the court has given both suspects a twelve-year jail sentence. That’s two more criminals off our streets!Well done to all involved and a special thank you to SAPS and the NPA who assisted in the legal proceedings.

Lessons Learned:

Ensure that you have a panic button on you when you are home and that you have CAP’s emergency number on speed dial. Command Centre Number: 0861 227 227

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