• Nicole Marcus

CAP ARREST: Staff Member Turns Suspect

Yesterday afternoon, Tactical Units responded to a panic activation signal from a property on East Hertford Road in Bryanston. On arrival, Tactical Units were informed that a suspect had stolen various items from the property and that the vehicle used by the suspect was nearby.

Tactical Units quickly sprang into action and located the vehicle. A high-speed chase ensued in the area and the suspect was eventually pulled off on Bowling Road with the assistance of SAPS and apprehended. The stolen goods from the property were also recovered in the vehicle.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Upon later investigation, it was identified that the suspect was a staff member of one of the homeowners in the Bryanston area. CAP would like to remind the community of the importance of vetting your staff before employing them. If you would like to vet your staff through CAP you can contact our Administration Department on 0860 332 332 or send us an email at

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