• Nicole Marcus

Weekend Success: Arrest and Vehicle Recovery!

Last weekend, Tactical Units in Greenside were proactively patrolling on Mowbray Road corner Barry Hertzog Avenue when they encountered two vehicles with various suspicious persons loitering inside.

Tactical Units approached one of the vehicles to investigate and found two individuals attempting to tamper with the ignition inside the vehicle. Upon becoming aware of the Officers’ approach, the suspects produced various weapons and a shootout ensued. One suspect evaded capture and fled in one of the two vehicles. The other suspect was wounded by Tactical Units and detained.

Medical authorities and SAPS were dispatched to the scene and the suspect was handed over to them on arrival. The vehicle that was left on scene was later identified as being a stolen vehicle that had been taken from a surrounding area prior to the incident.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Call in any two or more males seen, on foot or in a vehicle, to the Command Centre on 0861 227 227

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