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CAP Tactical Units and Special Intervention Officers have apprehended a suspect involved in a recent hijacking at a convenience store in the proximity of Waverley.

This afternoon, two suspects, one armed with a firearm, arrived on foot and hijacked a blue Suzuki from a member of the community who was returning to their vehicle after shopping at a convenience store situated in the proximity of a Waverley petrol station.

The petrol attendants quickly pressed the panic button to inform CAP and the Command Centre immediately dispatched its Special Intervention Unit to the station. On arrival, SIU Officers were informed of the hijacking and lookouts were instantly circulated around the immediate and surrounding areas.

A nearby patrolling Tactical Unit was able to identify the victim’s motor vehicle with the suspects inside and gave chase. The chase accumulated in the suspects losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a wall on Wynberg Road in Alexandra.

The suspects further attempted to flee from the crash site, however, one suspect was quickly apprehended by Tactical Units. The firearm and the victims’ valuables inside the vehicle were recovered. The suspect was handed over to police on the scene and has been arrested. The other suspect is still at large and Tactical Units will continue to be on the lookout.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Always be vigilant of your safety and security, even when in public spaces like petrol stations. Do not get distracted by your surroundings and immediately call in any two or more suspicious males seen on foot or in a vehicle to CAP’s Command Centre: 0861 227 227

Equip your staff with panic buttons. Ensure that they are on them at all times and serviced regularly.

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