• Nicole Marcus

CAP Assists in Strathavon Apprehension!

Last night, while patrolling in the Strathavon environment, Tactical Units were alerted to a motor vehicle accident that had occurred on Linden Place. On arrival, Tactical Units found an overturned silver Toyota Corolla with three occupants attempting to flee from the accident. SAPS and another security service provider were also seen to be approaching the scene.

Tactical Units reacted quickly and detained the suspects who were later established to be fleeing from a connected snatch ‘n grab incident that had occurred earlier at a nearby shopping centre. A knife was recovered nearby and the suspects were handed over to SAPS for further investigation.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

If you are the unfortunate victim of a crime, always open up a case with SAPS. The case may be the missing link towards having the suspects arrested should they get apprehended in the future.

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