• Nicole Marcus

Security Teamwork Leads to Suspect Arrested in Greenside!

Last night, various community members alerted CAP’s Command Centre to a business robbery that had occurred on Barry Hertzog Avenue in Greenside. CSS Security Officers had responded to a panic activation from the business and had made contact with two armed suspects who had broken in, taken various valuables and had pretended to be employees of the business. The suspects began to flee from the Officers into neighbouring properties once they realised that they could not answer the questions directed at them.

CAP’s Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene to assist. Additionally, one of CAP’s Debriefers was deployed to gather further information from the victims who were involved. To escalate the search for the fleeing suspects CAP also deployed its K9 Unit.

CAP, CSS and SAPS all joined forces to search various nearby properties and the surrounding area in pursuit of the suspects and to ensure the residents safety. The suspects remained elusive and the search was later called off. However, all units involved in the search remained vigilant.

Later in the evening, a patrolling CSS Officer noted one of the suspects walking on a road in the area. A chase ensued and CAP Tactical Units were called in for backup. The suspect was shortly apprehended and later handed over to SAPS. Various stolen valuables were also recovered on the suspect.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learned:

Ensure that your employees are equipped with a functional panic button and that it is kept on them at all times.

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