• Nicole Marcus

High-Speed Chase and Shootout results in the apprehension of 3 suspects

On Sunday evening, a pedestrian was walking in the public space on 10th avenue Orange Grove when he was approached by a suspect, armed with a firearm. A scuffle ensued between the suspect and victim resulting in the suspect fleeing towards the suspect motor vehicle, a white Toyota Yaris. During this time, a CAP Tactical Unit was proactively patrolling along 10th Avenue and identified the incident in progress. The Tactical Officers immediately radioed for backup, notified CAP’s Command Centre and began to pursue the suspects. Additional support was provided by CAP’s Special Intervention Unit and other surrounding area's Tactical Units. A high-speed car chase followed from Orange Grove, through Sydenham and eventually ended in Lombardy, where the suspects were arrested and handed over to the SAPS. A shootout ensued during the chase between the suspects and CAP's Tactical Officers which resulted in two suspects being wounded as a result. The suspect motor vehicle and well as the stolen items from the victim were recovered. Well done to all involved and special commendation to the Tactical Officers whose proactive approach and tactical awareness resulted in this success. CAP’s Legal Division will continue to work together with SAPS and the NPA to ensure justice is served.

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