• Nicole Marcus

Theft suspect in Observatory apprehended!

On Wednesday morning, the 28th of March, CAP’s Tactical Officers responded to a panic activation on Gerard Street in Observatory. When CAP’s Tactical Officers units arrived, they found a suspect fleeing the scene. The suspect was swiftly apprehended. The suspect had previously gained access to the property when the gate was left open for a function at the residence.

The suspect had found a gas cylinder which he planned to steal and was waiting for the opportune moment to exit the property with the stolen goods. However, he was discovered by the domestic worker on the property.

The homeowner declined to press charges, and the suspect was not arrested. The stolen goods were recovered by CAP and returned to the homeowner.

Well done to all involved!

Lessons Learnt: Always open a case at your nearest police station no matter the type of crime occurred.

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