• Nicole Marcus

Early morning breakthrough – two suspects apprehended following a home invasion!

In the early hours of the 29th of March, a home invasion took place on Edward Rubenstein Drive. Four suspects gained access to the residence in an unknown manner. The suspects proceeded to wake up the victims and tied them up. The suspects stole various valuables, including the victim’s vehicle before fleeing the scene towards Alexandra.

CAP’s Command Centre was alerted to the home invasion by a concerned neighbour, CAP’s Tactical units responded to the scene immediately, and Tactical Debriefers dispatched.

The Command Centre continued to obtain vital details from the victims, and additional Tactical resources were dispatched to surrounding areas.

It was established that some of the items taken by suspects were able to be tracked remotely.

CAP’s Command Centre together with our resources on the ground including a concerned neighbour began tracking the devices to a location in Alexandra.

SAPS were notified, and CAP’s specialized resources were deployed to the location. Our Tactical officers immediately recovered the Victim’s motor vehicle and held observations on the address.

Two suspects were apprehended a short while later including the recovery of the stolen items and firearms.The suspects were handed over to the SAPS

Investigations are currently underway, and CAP’s legal department will continue to work with the SAPS and NPA to ensure these criminals face the full might of the law.

Well done to all involved with special mention to the concerned neighbour and our fearless Tactical officers whose specialised skills, training and dedication resulted in the speedy apprehension of these criminals

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