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Weekend wrap-up – CAP urges all victims to open cases with SAPS for all criminal incidents


On Saturday morning, CAP’s Tactical Officers, as well as CAP’s Specialised Intervention Unit responded to the scene of a burglary, after receiving an urgent call from the homeowner. Shortly after arriving at the location the suspect was apprehended, and the stolen valuables were recovered. SAPS was called to the scene to effect the arresting of the suspect. However the homeowner declined to press charges, and the suspect was released.

Orange Grove

CAP’s Command Centre received a call from a passer-by concerning a suspicious individual observed riding a bicycle in Orange Grove. Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the location and soon discovered that the bike utilised by the suspect was stolen from a property in Orange Grove and was attempting to escape. The stolen goods were returned to the homeowner, yet the suspect was released as the victim did not want to open up a case at his local SAPS


Two suspects, who had arrived on foot, were observed attempting to breach the premises by a security guard from a neighbouring business.

The guard pressed his panic button, instantly notifying CAP’s Command Centre. Tactical Officers arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and apprehended one of the suspects in the process of stealing items. The suspect was handed over to SAPS for further investigation.

Well done to those involved!

Lessons Learnt: All victims, no matter the type of crime that occurred, are strongly encouraged to open up cases at SAPS against suspects. By not opening up cases, suspects are let go and often become repeat offenders and may in some instances commit more severe crimes. CAP’s Legal Division is on hand to guide the victim through the legal process.

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