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It's a wrap – five suspects handed over to SAPS this weekend!

Bryanston Riverclub – One suspect apprehended

On Sunday morning, CAP’s Command Centre received an alarm activation for a residence on St Audley Road. Tactical Officers immediately responded to the scene and conducted a thorough search of the premises. During their examination, Tactical Officers encountered an individual claiming to be a builder on the property who quickly jumped over the wall. The neighbourhood was searched systematically, SAPS was informed, the back up Tactical Officers were provided with a description of the suspect. A short while later during the search, Tactical Officers observed an individual matching the suspect’s description a few streets away from the crime scene. The suspect was apprehended and handed over to Sandton SAPS for further investigation.

Gresswold – One suspect apprehended

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Tactical Officers proactively patrolling the streets detected a suspect attempting to steal a vehicle by forcing open the door. The proactive actions by the Tactical officers led to the immediate apprehension of the suspect and averted the vehicle theft. The suspect was handed over to SAPS for further investigation.

Sandown – Three suspects apprehended

CAP’s Command Centre received an urgent call on Friday night from a homeowner, in Adrienne Street, reporting three suspects on his premises attempting to gain further access to his residence. The Command Centre stayed on the line with the homeowner, getting minute-by-minute updates, while immediately dispatching Tactical Units to the scene. The suspects, disturbed by the activity and approach of the Tactical Officers, fled the scene. The Command Centre, together with backup Tactical Officers enclosed the area and quickly located and apprehended the suspects on South Road. The suspects were handed over to SAPS for further information.

The suspects are pictured below, however, their identity is hidden for legal purposes.

Well done to all involved!

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