• Nicole Marcus

Two suspects apprehended overnight!

While conducting their proactive patrols in Fairmount on Monday night, CAP’s Tactical Officers observed a possible suspicious individual walking in the area. Tactical officers monitored the individual and upon further engagement with the suspect, Tactical Officers called for additional backup and the presence of SAPS. The suspect was in possession of a variety of illegal substances and was handed over to Sandringham SAPS for further investigation.


Earlier this morning, a jogger flagged down a Tactical Vehicle, concerned as he had observed a suspect attempting to breach a residence by jumping over a wall. The Tactical Officers, in hot pursuit of the suspect, called for extra resources and searched the area, swiftly finding an individual matching the description of the suspect. The suspect was handed over to SAPS for further investigation.

Lessons learnt: All community members are urged to report anything out of the ordinary, including two or more unknown men on foot or in a vehicle to CAP’s Command Centre on 0861 227 227.

Well done to all involved!

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