• Nicole Marcus

The importance of knowing CAP's Command Centre emergency number - 0861 227 227

Monday 22 January

Orange Grove - One suspect arrested

CAP's Command Centre received a call from a homeowner who reported that his neighbour had seen a suspect in the vicinity stealing signboards. CAP's Command Centre immediately dispatched Tactical Officers to the scene and quickly apprehended the suspect.

Upon further investigation, the Tactical Officers discovered that the suspect had broken into a property and stole copper pipes. The stolen items were recovered and the suspect was handed over to SAPS.

It's important to note that in this instance, the observant resident did not know the emergency number of CAP's Command Centre.

CAP advises all community members to have CAP's emergency number saved on your phone to ensure a quick response time in an emergency.

CAP's emergency number is 0861 227 227 or CAP's emergency number is 0861 227 227 or you may use CAP’s 'please call me' number 082 336 1852.

me' number 082 336 1852

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