• Nicole Marcus

Seven suspects apprehended this week!

Three suspects arrested in Norwood!

Three suspects arrived in a silver Mazda 323 and tried to steal a car that was parked on the street.

An observant car security guard alerted CAP. Tactical Officers immediately responded and apprehended the suspects.

The suspects were handed over to JMPD and the suspect vehicle was recovered.

Thursday 25 January – CAP successes

Orange Grove – 10th Street

Three suspects jumped over a wall into the premises. The suspects proceeded to break into the garage and stole a gas stove. The homeowner observed the suspects on the premises and interrupted them in. The suspects attempted to flee the scene. However, a neighbour had called CAP’s Command Centre alerting CAP to the crime in progress. Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and together with the homeowner in hot pursuit of the suspects apprehended two of the suspects further down the street. The stolen item was recovered, and the two suspects were handed over to Norwood SAPS for further investigation.

Oaklands – Meyer Street

CAP’s Command Centre received a call from a resident informing them that he had seen an individual on a property on Meyer Street, Oaklands. CAP immediately dispatched Tactical Units to the scene, and the Tactical Officers arrived as the suspect was fleeing the scene. CAP’s Tactical Officers gave chase, and the suspect was apprehended a short distance away from the scene on Pretoria Street and Meyer Street. The Tactical Officers soon determined that the suspect had jumped over the wall and had stolen copper cables from the property. The suspect was handed over to Norwood SAPS.

Well Done to all those involved!

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