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Weekend wrap-up

CAP catches six suspects involved in a break-in in Highlands North

CAP's Tactical Officers were proactively patrolling 6th Avenue in Highlands North when they observed movement inside a vacant property. The gate appeared to have been forced open. CAP's Tactical Officers alerted the Command Centre, who notified the owner of the property and SAPS.

Six individuals were located and apprehended inside the property. The suspects admitted to having breached the gate of the premises and stated that they intended stealing the valuables inside the residence.

All six were handed over to Norwood SAPS for further investigation.

CAP urges residents to report suspicious properties and unoccupied buildings or houses in the area.

Success on Nellie Road, Norwood

CAP's Command Centre was alerted to a suspicious individual who was walking along Nellie Road, Norwood.

The suspect was observed attempting to gain access to various properties by lifting up v garage doors on the street.

CAP's Tactical Officers were dispatched to Nellie Road, but at first, could not locate the suspect. The Tactical Officers extended the search perimeter and located the suspect on Woolfgang Avenue.

The suspect was found in possession of a vehicle covering which he later told officers was stolen from a renovation site on Nellie Road. The suspect was able to enter the house as there was no gate and the homeowners were not at home.

The item was recovered, and the individual was handed over to Norwood SAPS. Unfortunately, no case was opened against the suspect, and he was released.

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