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Festive season successes

CAP has worked with enthusiasm throughout the festive season, keeping the community safe.

The following successes involved CAP's Tactical Officers:

Strathavon - 25 Decmber

While patrolling Strathavon on Monday morning, Tactical Officers observed two individuals acting suspiciously. When the officers communicated with the individuals, they noticed that they were in possession of some electronic equipment. Further investigation lead CAP's Tactical Officers to believe that the men had stolen these items from a property on Gayre Drive. The suspects were apprehended and handed over to Sandton SAPS. Unfortunately, no police case was opened but the stolen items were recovered.

Waverley - 25 December

On Monday night, a security guard at a business on Scott Street noticed five suspects jumping into a neighbouring business. The guard pressed his panic button linked to CAP's Command Centre. CAP immediately dispatched Tactical Officers to the scene and arrived within three minutes. The suspects broke the windows and doors of the business attempting to gain access but were interrupted when CAP's Tactical Officers arrived on scene.

The suspects did not manage to steal anything and had started fleeing from the property. Meanwhile CAP's Command Centre had contacted SAPS for assistance. Shortly after, two of the five suspects were apprehend and handed over to Norwood SAPS. CAP's Legal Division will follow up on the case with the SAPS.

Sydenham - Saturday 31 December

Early on Saturday morning, CAP's Command Centre received multiple alarm activations from a property on 11th Avenue. CAP's Command Centre immediately dispatched Tactical Officers to the scene. The homeowners were away, so CAP arranged with a family member of the homeowners to come to the property to gain access and search the property.

The Tactical Officers discovered that three suspects had jumped over the wall and had entered the residence through a window. The alarm had triggered, but the suspects did not have the time to escape as CAP had arrived on scene so quickly.

CAP's Tactical Officers thoroughly searched the property and found the three suspects hiding in different rooms. All suspects were handed over to SAPS for further investigation.

CAP urges all residents to prioritise the physical security if their home, especially while on holiday. Ensure that alarm systems/electric fencing and beams are all in order and link to your security provider. It's also essential to leave a set of keys with family members or friends for similar situations.

Well done to all involved!

Well done to all involved!

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