• Nicole Marcus

Suspect sentenced to four years in prison for housebreaking and theft

On the 31st October 2017, CAP’s Command Centre received a panic activation from a residence in Corbel Crescent, Glenhazel. Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival at the residence, no suspect was found to be on the property in question. However, a neighbour alerted the Tactical Officers that he had seen the suspect jump over a wall into a neighbouring property.

Tactical Officers searched the vicinity in the in hot pursuit of the suspect. The suspect was located nearby hiding in a property in Study Road. He was found to be in possession of stolen items including a watch, camera and other valuables.

The suspect was handed over to Sandringham SAPS for further investigation. CAP’s Legal Division has been working together with SAPS, gathering information including evidence and statements in preparation for the trial.

On the 30th of November 2017, the suspect appeared before the court and plead guilty to one count of housebreaking and theft. The court found the suspect guilty as charged and sentenced the accused to four years imprisonment.

Well done to all involved!

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