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Weekend success – five suspects apprehended!

Louis Botha Avenue – Norwood

On Friday afternoon, CAP’s strategically placed Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras on Louis Botha Avenue generated an alert to CAP’s Command Centre. The vehicle, a yellow Toyota Quantum, had recently been involved in an incident of theft. CAP’s Tactical Officers as well as, CAP’s LPR cameras strategically placed around Johannesburg, were briefed to be on the lookout.

Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and located the vehicle. The vehicle and its driver were handed over to Norwood SAPS for further investigation.

Corlett Drive – Bramley

On Sunday evening, three suspects, driving a Silver Volkswagen Polo were observed attempting to access a power box outside of a property on Corlett Drive, Bramley. CAP’s Command Centre received a panic activation and immediately dispatched Tactical Officers to the scene.

As the Tactical Officers arrived at the scene, the driver of the suspect vehicle fled leaving the remaining two suspects behind. The two remaining suspects attempted to flee the scene on foot. The Tactical Officers, in hot pursuit of the suspects, chased after the suspects and apprehended them.

The two suspects were handed over to Bramley SAPS for further investigation.

Adrienne Street – Sandown

Late Sunday night, three suspects breached the premises by climbing over a back wall and gained entry into a residence through a side door. The suspects then made contact with the victims and proceeded to tie them up and stole various valuables. One of the victims then managed to break free of his restraints and activated the alarm alerting CAP’s Command Centre.

Noticing the arrival of Tactical Officers on the scene, the suspects attempted to flee. CAPs Command Centre dispatched further vehicles to the scene as well as alerted Sandton SAPS. Tactical Officers apprehended two of the suspects; one on Middle Road and together with Sandton SAPA the second suspect was caught on Rivonia Road. The two suspects were handed over to Sandton SAPS for further investigation. The stolen valuables were also recovered from the scene.

During this incident, one of the victims was injured. We wish to extend our sympathies to the injured victim and hope he has a full and speedy recovery.

Well done to all involved!

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