• Nicole Marcus

One suspect apprehended in Talbaton

This afternoon, two victims were shopping at a store in Bradfield Drive, when they were followed in by one suspect. The suspect, who arrived in a white Volkswagen Polo entered the shop under the guise of being a regular shopper.

Whilst in the store, the suspect approached the victims and robbed them of a handbag. The suspect proceeded to run to his vehicle parked outside when the victims followed after him in pursuit of their stolen handbag. The suspect entered his vehicle and whilst attempting to grab him, one of the victims got their finger closed in door.

CAP Tactical officers witnessed the commotion and approached the suspect motor vehicle. At this point, the suspect accelerated and attempted to drive into the CAP officers.

A shootout ensued and the suspect fled the scene. Following a brief chase, the suspect vehicle collided with another vehicle on Blyth Street in Talboton. CAP Tactical Officers immediately apprehended the suspect and he was handed over to Sandringham SAPS.

We wish to extend our sympathies to the injured victim and hope she has a full and speedy recovery.

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