• Nicole Marcus

Weekend success – Three suspects apprehended

Three suspects were apprehended following an Armed Robbery Business in the Waverly area.

Early Sunday morning, five armed suspects arrived at a business premises in Stirling Street in a silver Toyota Corolla. The suspects breached the premises by breaking through the ceiling and intended to steal valuable items.

The suspects then encountered three victims while trying to carry out their theft. The suspects then proceeded to tie up the victims. As the suspects were approaching one of the victims, the victim heard the disturbance and managed to press his panic button, alerting CAP’s Command Centre. Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene.

CAP’s tactical officers arrived at the scene and interrupted the suspects. Four of the suspects fled the scene in their vehicle. Tactical Officers chased the remaining suspect on foot and the suspect was apprehended close to the scene and handed over to SAPS.

CAP, together with SAPS, and further investigation apprehended two of the suspects near Killarney Mall. The suspect’s vehicle was recovered.

The suspects were unable to accomplish their goal due to the fast response of the Tactical Officers.

Well done to all involved.

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