• Nicole Marcus

One suspect apprehended in Kew

The CAP Command Centre received a call from a concerned resident, early this morning. The resident had witnessed a suspect on his premises and immediately contacted CAP’s Command Centre. Tactical Officers were dispatched to the scene to investigate further.

Upon arrival at the scene, Tactical Officers began searching the property and area for the suspect. The Tactical Officers communicated with several other residents in the road while conducting their search for the suspect. It became apparent that there was an additional suspect involved.

It is alleged that the two suspects were stealing small items and valuables from a variety of properties and were placing the items on the street in order to gather them together before fleeing.

Fortunately, the suspects were interrupted. One suspect was arrested after he was found hiding on a property by the Tactical Officers. The suspect was handed over to SAPS for further investigation. The remaining suspect is still at large.

Well done to all involved!

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