• Nicole Marcus

One suspect apprehended for trespassing in Study Road

This afternoon CAP’s Command Centre received a call from a resident in Study Road, Glenhazel, to report a trespasser in her premises. Tactical officers were immediately dispatched to the scene; however, the trespasser had already fled on foot. A short while later, CAP’s Command Centre received an alarm activation from another property on Study Road. The Command Centre operator established that it was most likely that the alarm activation was linked to the fleeing suspect and immediately dispatched additional resources, including CAP’s Intervention Unit to canvas the greater area. Upon arrival at the premises, the suspect was identified and apprehended by tactical officers. The suspect was found in possession of various stolen items.

The suspect was handed over to Sandringham SAPS and was subsequently arrested.

CAP’s team of debriefers and analysts are currently investigating linkages between this particular suspect and other break ins that have taken place within the Greater Glenhazel area. CAP’s Legal team will ensure that any linkages made will be handed over to SAPS as additional evidence to ensure that this suspect sees the full force of the law.

Well done to all involved.

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