• Nicole Marcus

Four suspects apprehended this past weekend!

Saturday 28 October – Aintree Avenue, Savoy

An alert neighbour noticed a suspicious individual trespassing in a vacant property on Aintree Avenue and immediately notified CAP’s Command Centre. Tactical Officers were dispatched and upon arrival identified the suspect. The suspect was apprehended and handed over to Bramley SAPS.

CAP’s Legal Team will closely monitor this case to ensure that should the suspect be linked to other crimes within the area that he sees the full force of the law.

Sunday 29 October – 2nd Avenue, Kew

Whilst responding to an alarm activation, Tactical Officers were stopped by two people on 2nd Avenue who notified Tactical Officers that they had been robbed of their cellphones and valuables by three suspects who were travelling in a white VW Polo. CAP Officers immediately began searching for the suspects who were located a few streets away. The suspects were apprehended and handed over to Bramley SAPS and the stolen items were recovered.

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