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CAP apprehend 8 suspects in the last 72 hours!

Monday 23 October – Sycamore Avenue, Riverclub

On Monday 23 October, CAP received a call from a concerned community member reporting a truck that was illegally dumping rubble on Sycamore Avenue in Riverclub. CAP’s Command Centre dispatched tactical officers as well as notified JMPD who arrived on scene and apprehended the offenders.

Monday 23 October, Hastings Avenue, Savoy

On Monday 23 October, an alert resident of Savoy Estate reported suspicious activity coming from a vacant property on Hastings Avenue. Tactical officers arrived on scene and found two individuals loading valuables into their vehicle. It was soon determined that these people were suspects who had broken into the property and were stealing items from the house. They were apprehended and handed over to Bramley SAPS.

Tuesday 24 October, Umgeni Road, Emmarentia

Yesterday, 24 October, after hearing noises from the next-door property, a concerned resident called CAP’s Command Centre to request assistance. The Command Centre operator immediately dispatched tactical units as well notified SAPS.

Tactical Officers and SAPS arrived on the scene on Umgeni Road and spotted an individual jumping over the wall. The individual was apprehended and handed over to Parkview SAPS.

Wednesday, 25 October, 4th Street, Oaklands

Last week a burglary took place in Pretoria Street Oaklands. Following the incident, CAP debriefed the victims as well as obtained footage. The suspect was identified via the CCTV footage that was obtained and immediately shared with Tactical Units on the ground.

In the early hours of this morning, whilst proactively patrolling, tactical officers identified the suspect involved in last week’s incident and immediately apprehended him. SAPS were called to scene for assistance but were unable to arrest the suspect as there was no evidence linking the suspect to the case. A dedicated member of CAP’s Tactical Intelligence team rushed to the scene to provide SAPS with the CCTV footage which was sufficient evidence to take the suspect into custody and arrest him.

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